Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the instructor, Aaron Charlton, PhD

    1. Introduction to the three primary components of Google search results

    2. The two most important ranking factors for Google organic search

    3. Quick intro to Google ads by looking at the front end (search results)

    4. How to rank high in the Local pack

    5. Exercise: Do your own local search

    1. Keyword research

    2. On-page keyword analysis

    3. Backlinks

    4. Organic local search ranking

    5. Case study: Troubleshooting some ranking issues

    1. Working the press (a very brief intro)

    2. Reputation Management

    3. Showcase your expertise to increase sales (a systematic approach)

    1. Google search engine ads

    2. Web analytics

    3. Tracking non-Google ads

    4. Analyzing ad performance with Google Analytics

    5. Display ads (e.g. Facebook)

    1. Here are some of my favorite resources for doing digital marketing

About this course

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Aaron Charlton, PhD, MBA

Aaron Charlton is a Marketing Analyst who specializes in digital marketing. He has been building websites and driving traffic to them since 2007. He is currently accepting new clients at

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